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Pricing Information for the 2018 NCAA National Track & Field Championships, University Oregon (Hayward Field), Eugene, Oregon

Pricing can be broken down in two ways - Day Rate or Individual Rate.

Day rate is $200 per day, regardless of number of athletes competing.

Individual Rates - (semi's and finals are included in one price)

    Sprints - $30 / per athlete per event

    Distance - $30 / per athlete or flight per event. Should the university have more than one runner in the same distance flight (1.5K+, the cost is constant at $30).

    Field Events - $30 / athlete per event.

    Decathlon ($200) / Heptathlon ($150)

Media Delivery

All delivery of competition images will be via an ftp site specific to the university. Access will be established prior to the first day of the championships. Images will be uploaded as soon as possible during the day. Usually photos are uploaded at the end of the day, however in some cases photos are uploaded during breaks in my event schedule.

IIf the university has a Dropbox account and wishes the images be placed there, this can be accomplished providing access is established two (2) days prior to the first day of competition. Under no circumstances will images be delivered via email.


Credentials will be established prior to the Championships, so the university will not need to submit a credential request.


There are no travel costs associated with this year's championships.

Billing & Contractor Forms

All contractor forms must be provided electronically to larry@millerstreet.net NLT three days prior to the competition/event start date.

Accounts are invoiced at the end of the month for recurring customers and within one week after the event for singular events. Payment is Net 45 from the invoice date. Late fee assessments are $15/Month regardless of invoiced amount.

Coverage of Athletes

The NCAA Championships at Oregon present unique challenges to photographing any event at Hayward Field. Infield access is limited to a certain number of temporary vests. Permanent vests are available to a select number of accredited photographers and are difficult to get.

That said, every attempt will be made to cover all athletes of the college or university that I have been contracted to cover. This does not mean that I will be able to capture every athlete. Concerns over the infield policy are required to be sent to the Media contact for the 2018 NCAA T&F Championships.

Hammer. This event is outside the field of coverage and all attempts will be made to cover this event if required. Discussion on this event is usually required for each college or university I contract with.

I have shot Hayward field for 10 years and know every angle to get an athlete. I have not had one complaint during that time.

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