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Pricing Information

Contact Larry Lawson via email for a quote for your specific event. Please include as much information as possible regarding coverage desired.

All submission of photos is to Millerstreet's FTP site, except in cases where the organization hosts their own Dropbox or FTP site. Email submission of photos is not supported.

All clients receive a custom FTP site with one years's retainability of all images and individual login.


All travel within 15 miles of Portland is included with any quote. All ground travel costs are at $25/hour. All airline / hotel / car costs will be assessed for each contract and billed accordingly. Additional costs for airline travel will be billed at $150 per day (8 hours).

Events that include more than one team/university/etc will not incur travel or lodging costs.


Athletic accounts are invoiced at the end of the month for recurring customers and within one week after the event for singular events. Payment is Net 45 from the invoice date. Late fee assessments are $20/Month regardless of invoiced amount and begin 45 days after billing and monthly thereafter.

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